Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview on VirtualBox

Today I spent an hour installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview (CP) on my laptop using Oracle VirtualBox. Before you begin installing Windows 8 download Oracle VirtualBox and either the Windows 8 consumer preview 32-bit or 64-bit ISO.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO

Once you have downloaded VirtualBox and an ISO follow the set-up steps below.

Step 1: Launch VirtualBox and click the ‘new’ button.

VirtualBox running

Step 2: In the wizard enter a name for your virtual machine. I used ‘Win8 CP’. Select an OS and version from the dropdown’s.

Name Virtual Machine and Select OS type

Step 3: Allocate memory for the virtual machine. I ended up giving my virtual machine 2GB’s.

Allocate memory for the virtual machine

Step 4: Create a new virtual hard disk.

Create a new virtual hard disk

Step 5: Choose a file format for your virtual hard disk.

Virtual hard disk format

Step 6: Give your virtual hard disk a name and a maximum size. For Win8 32-bit select 20GB for 64-bit select 25GB.

Set size of virtual hard disk

Step 7: Review your virtual hard disk settings before creating it.

Review settings before creating virtual hard disk

Step 8: You should now see your virtual machine listed in VirtualBox. Simply click ‘Start’ to run your virtual machine.

New virtual machine listed in VirtualBox

Step 9: When you run the virtual machine for the first time you will see a wizard. Click next.

Click next on First Run Wizard

Step 10: Select a installation source. As we are installing Windows 8 consumer preview select the .ISO you downloaded earlier. Then click next.

Select Win8 ISO

Step 11: You will see a Windows 8 install screen. Select your locale and click next.

Select locale for Windows 8

Step 12: Click ‘Install now’.

Windows 8 Install Now

Step 13: Enter your product Key (if you don’t have one you can use the one in the picture).

Windows 8 Product Key

My product key

 Step 14: Accept the Windows 8 terms & conditions.

Windows 8 Terms

Step 15: Choose Custom install.

Custom install

Step 16: Installation begins.

Installation starts

Step 17: Windows 8 starts running.

Setup is updating registry settings

Step 18: Windows 8 is installed and running. This is the new Metro interface.

Windows 8 is running!