Windows 8 Boot Camp – Day 2

On the second day of the Microsoft Windows 8 Boot Camp we continued on with the Contoso reference app that we started building on Day 1. This covered aspects like search and share contracts, notifications (tile AKA live tile, badge and toast) and getting the app ready for the Windows 8 app store.

Again the app store lab was the most informative and was the one most people seemed interesting in. Surely Microsoft need to look at the feedback and start addressing this. The other general feel I got was people who had the skill sets to develop apps that Microsoft are crying out for wanted access to tablets. Microsoft can you please send me one?! :-p

The event was held at the awesome Paramount tower in central London. It gives some great views over London’s skyline. These are a few pictures I took on my phone.


Windows 8 Boot Camp – Day 1

It’s fair to say Windows 8 could easily become Vista part II (mainly because it is so different to anything Microsoft have built before and with Microsoft’s bad handling of its release to the developer community).

But today was the first time I actually felt positive about Windows 8. The Boot camp I attended in central London was an ideal format. It allowed us as developers to get up close and personal with it.

A few things to note:

  • Most of the people that attended the camp were .net developers
  • The Windows app store was the subject most people wanted to talk about

Thanks to the Microsoft team (Mike Taulty, Mike Ormond, Paul Lo) I am now feeling more confident about its coming release.

Windows 8 Boot Camp


Windows 8 Boot Camp

Mike Taulty invited me to attend a 2 day Microsoft Boot Camp on Windows 8. As I wasn’t able to attend the last Windows 8 event I was very keen to sign up! The boot camp covers html/css/javascript and .net/xaml application development. While I have been playing around with Windows 8 for a while now I am interested to hear which route the MS guys feel would be the most beneficial for my long term development future. I am also keen to find out more on the Windows 8 app store and the submission process.

Here is the 2 day agenda:

Day 1 Agenda (Thursday 19th April 2012)
Lap around Windows 8 Development
Windows Store Overview
Windows 8 Metro Style UX Overview
Lab – Controls & Data Binding
Lab – Views, Orientation, Semantic Zoom
Lab – Contracts

Day 2 Agenda (Friday 20th April 2012)
Lab – Media
Lab – Process Lifecycle Management
Lab – Settings & Preferences
Lab – Notifications & Tiles
Lab – Windows Store

Today I joined Riley’s

Today I joined Riley’s. Don’t judge but trying to find pool tables in London where a game isn’t in double figures is near impossible. Riley’s isn’t the classiest place but membership was £10. I will be trying it out at the weekend.