Google Drive Is Live – 5GB storage!

I have always like Google products and I have high hopes for Google Drive. I have been using Dropbox for a while now and I love it but I need more space. It looks like Google and Microsoft (Skydrive) have saved me a few pounds! Thanks!

Below are the screen grabs from my Google Drive install. The install was very quick on my Windows 7 laptop. No reboot was required.

Step 1: Go to and click sign up.

Step 2: Accept the Terms of Service.

Google Drive Terms

Step 3: Let the Google Drive installer download the files it needs.

Google Drive Download

Step 4: Sign into your Google Account.

Google Drive Sign In

Step 5: Click close once the installation has been complete.

Google Drive Install Complete

Step 6: Click next on Google Drive wizard.

Google Drive Wizard

Step 7: For default installation click ‘Start sync’ or click ‘Advanced setup’ to specify your installation.

Google Drive Wizard

Step 8: Configure and click ‘Start sync’ once you are complete.

Google Drive Wizard Advanced

Step 9: In the Notification area on the task bar (by the clock) look for the Google Drive icon and right click to access your Google Drive menu.

Google Drive working in taskbar