jsFiddle.net – simple, fast and very useful!

A tool I have found really useful for throwing together quick examples of HTML5/JavaScript is jsFiddle.net. It was built by Piotr Zalewa and designed by Oskar Krawczyk. It’s a browser based tool that has 4 panes allowing you to enter HTML, CSS, JavaScript and when you run your work it outputs the result in the fourth pane.

You can also select additional frameworks that you would like to include such as jQuery, Mootools, three.js.

Try it out :-)

jsFiddle.net interface

HTML5 Sample jsFiddle.net (Mouse Events)

HTML5 – My adventures….

So I have been keeping an eye on HTML5 for a while now. I am pretty confident using Javascript (hey I wrote close to 500k lines for a Silverlight 1.0 project). I am not going to shift away from C#/XAML as I honestly believe they are my bread and butter, but there is no harm in having a play with HTML5.

I like the MVVM pattern as I feel my code is cleaner. I guess it’s because I feel comfortable with it but it’s great to see KnockoutJS being adopted to allow this pattern into the HTML5/JS world.

I have started using KineticJS today to start and again I am impressed with it.