jsFiddle.net – simple, fast and very useful!

A tool I have found really useful for throwing together quick examples of HTML5/JavaScript is jsFiddle.net. It was built by Piotr Zalewa and designed by Oskar Krawczyk. It’s a browser based tool that has 4 panes allowing you to enter HTML, CSS, JavaScript and when you run your work it outputs the result in the fourth pane.

You can also select additional frameworks that you would like to include such as jQuery, Mootools, three.js.

Try it out :-)

jsFiddle.net interface

HTML5 Sample jsFiddle.net (Mouse Events)

Google Drive Is Live – 5GB storage!

I have always like Google products and I have high hopes for Google Drive. I have been using Dropbox for a while now and I love it but I need more space. It looks like Google and Microsoft (Skydrive) have saved me a few pounds! Thanks!

Below are the screen grabs from my Google Drive install. The install was very quick on my Windows 7 laptop. No reboot was required.

Step 1: Go to drive.google.com and click sign up.

Step 2: Accept the Terms of Service.

Google Drive Terms

Step 3: Let the Google Drive installer download the files it needs.

Google Drive Download

Step 4: Sign into your Google Account.

Google Drive Sign In

Step 5: Click close once the installation has been complete.

Google Drive Install Complete

Step 6: Click next on Google Drive wizard.

Google Drive Wizard

Step 7: For default installation click ‘Start sync’ or click ‘Advanced setup’ to specify your installation.

Google Drive Wizard

Step 8: Configure and click ‘Start sync’ once you are complete.

Google Drive Wizard Advanced

Step 9: In the Notification area on the task bar (by the clock) look for the Google Drive icon and right click to access your Google Drive menu.

Google Drive working in taskbar

JustDecompile does exactly what it say’s on the tin

If you need to decompile a .dll or just fancy taking a nose at somebody else’s code then you need to download JustDecompile. It’s free, easy to use and very fast. Telerik have done themselves proud with this tool.

I always found reflector a bit heavy for most things I needed to do and I was recommended JustDecompile. It was one of the best recommendations I have been given.  There is very little support online for this tool but here are a few posts I have found.

Go ahead and give it a go. You can download it from http://www.telerik.com/products/decompiler.aspx

No dev/designer is complete without Dropbox

Dropbox is a simple idea. So simple in fact I am surprised it took until 2011 for this to become mainstream. I keep code snippets, books, documents and a few tunes in my Dropbox. I then have access to all of them on my laptop, mobile and tablet in a matter of clicks.

It reminds me of an extension that you use to install and it would store files in your free email allocation that Google gave you. For some reason this either died or was blocked by Google. Now there appears to be a mass scramble between Apple (icloud), Google (Gdrive – coming soon), Microsoft (Skydrive) and Dropbox.

Why didn’t Microsoft buy Dropbox and just keep it exactly like it is I do not know. It is an essential tool to Windows.

Resharper is king

Either love it or hate it, Resharper is a GREAT add-on for Visual Studio. I’ll be honest the first time I was shown and told to use Resharper I hated it. I felt it slowed my box down and it put squiggle lines everywhere. I persisted with it and I broke it’s back. Now I have my own license (personal license £116).

I find it great for suggesting names, cleaning up and refactoring.

If your having a slow day and need something to take your mind of things then why not play the Resharper game. In the top corner there is a status indicator for the file that is currently open. Before you check in the file it must be green! So get cleaning as you can guarantee that 90% of those violations are bad names, unneeded properties or methods that can be static.

Game On



The latest development tool I have been using is GhostDoc by submain. I only use the free version as I haven’t got round to buying the full version ($35) but I am pleasantly surprised. I like anyone else know I should comment everything but sometimes when in a rush I skip it. Well not any more. Simply select the method and press ctrl+shift+d. Bob’s your uncle. Nice and easy.

Source: submain