Windows 8 Boot Camp

Mike Taulty invited me to attend a 2 day Microsoft Boot Camp on Windows 8. As I wasn’t able to attend the last Windows 8 event I was very keen to sign up! The boot camp covers html/css/javascript and .net/xaml application development. While I have been playing around with Windows 8 for a while now I am interested to hear which route the MS guys feel would be the most beneficial for my long term development future. I am also keen to find out more on the Windows 8 app store and the submission process.

Here is the 2 day agenda:

Day 1 Agenda (Thursday 19th April 2012)
Lap around Windows 8 Development
Windows Store Overview
Windows 8 Metro Style UX Overview
Lab – Controls & Data Binding
Lab – Views, Orientation, Semantic Zoom
Lab – Contracts

Day 2 Agenda (Friday 20th April 2012)
Lab – Media
Lab – Process Lifecycle Management
Lab – Settings & Preferences
Lab – Notifications & Tiles
Lab – Windows Store